Trust case studies

British Red Cross

This report is all about how the British Red Cross is supporting the NHS to improve patient flow with their assisted discharge services. 

The case study articulates findings from an independent economic evaluation conducted by the charity of their discharge support services in 2018 and an evaluation of their 2018/19 winter pressures support to illustrate the value the British Red Cross delivered to the system and the individuals supported. 

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Locum's nest

This report is all about Locum’s Nest – the NHS’ first digital collaborative bank for doctors, founded by two doctors. Locum's Nest's app facilitates and supports collaboration between neighbouring trusts to increase the bank pool.

The case study tells the story of how a range of trusts in the southern half of the country used the app to start a South England collaborative, successfully expanding the number of trusts within the collaborative with hopes for further expansion in the future. 


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