NHS Providers response to the prime minister's coronavirus briefing (01.05.20)

01 May 2020

Meeting of testing target is an important milestone, but the NHS needs a long term, sustainable approach to testing

The deputy chief executive of NHS Providers Saffron Cordery said:

"The confirmation that the Government has met its target of 100,000 tests a day demonstrates that it helped to galvanise activity around testing.

"We are now at a critical point – having come through the first peak of the pandemic and testing has a key role to play in easing the lockdown.

"We clearly need a purposeful approach to achieving this and the Government appears to be moving in the right direction in developing track and tracing.

"However the strategy must also consider the ongoing challenges including a sustainable programme of testing for the very large numbers of health and care staff, so that they know whether or not they have the virus.

"This means assurance that there will be an ongoing supply of testing kits, as well as the right infrastructure in place.

"This next phase will require a clear focus as it is fundamental to keeping patients, health and care staff and the wider population safe, as well as getting us out of lockdown."


Masks supplies are latest concern, but huge effort underway to secure supplies

Deputy chief executive Saffron Cordery said:

"We are hearing reports that stocks of fluid resistant masks are running low, however a big order is potentially due to be delivered next week.

"These masks are worn by health and care professionals in various settings including by those working in people’s homes and in primary and social care.

"Whilst they wait for more supplies, organisations will continue to help each other through mutual aid.

"Public Health England and other national bodies are also working on alternatives for these masks, should they be needed.

"Our understanding is that huge efforts are being made to procure all types of PPE, but that the global demand for supplies continues to make this immensely challenging."




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