Government must inject funds to improve NHS buildings' safety

15 April 2024

Thousands of NHS buildings in England today are older than the health service itself, according to figures published by the Liberal Democrats.

Saffron Cordery, deputy chief executive, NHS Providers, said:

"Far too many NHS buildings and equipment are in a very bad way and the situation is just getting worse year after year.

"The safety of patients and staff is at risk. NHS trusts have an £11bn-plus list of essential repairs waiting to be done and the backlog is mounting at an alarming rate.

"The eye-watering cost of trying to keep creaking buildings and out-of-date facilities going is soaring. We need a big injection of government investment so that mental health, community, hospital and ambulance services can tackle significant risks to patients and staff.

"To be properly equipped to give people first-class care the NHS needs safe, 21st century buildings and facilities."