Deep dives into the board’s role in improvement 


We’ve been testing a new way to learn together as peers - a ‘deep dive’.  The ambition is to dig a little deeper than many of the existing resources available on improvement to share board level peer to peer, actionable insight anchored in your shared and daily experiences.  

By bringing together a number of board members from a host trust, these virtual sessions offer a chance to explore the board’s role in more depth, discussing the behaviours, decisions and actions that bring to life the important principles that underpin improvement. 

The emphasis is on drilling down into the how rather than the what or why, with the bulk of each session focused on questions and answers between peers, providing a space in which trust leaders can question and interact with those further ahead in their improvement journey. 

Catch up on previous deep dives

East London NHS Foundation Trust

This session brought together the chief executive, vice chair, chief quality officer, and the director of integrated care to share their different perspectives and the roles they play in progressing the organisation’s approach to improvement, and how they are leveraging quality improvement in their work within their two ICSs.

Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust

This session featured four board members from the trust who shared insights on the role they have each played in supporting and progressing trust-wide improvement, exploring some of their specific behaviours, processes, decisions and actions. A digest of key insights can also be found in the link below.