Action learning sets

As part of our ongoing Trust-wide Improvement programme, supported by the Health Foundation, we are offering members another opportunity to take part in virtual action learning sets with an expert facilitator from this Spring.

These action learning sets are open to all board members with an interest in how to support improvement, within and beyond trust boundaries. This is an opportunity to discuss issues and challenges with experienced peers in a confidential and protected space.

Participants in our most recent round of action learning reported a variety of benefits including honing effective questioning and listening techniques, supporting complex problem solving and effective challenge at board level, stronger relationships, acknowledged as the bedrock to improvement, increased confidence to lead or challenge improvement and a lasting network of peer support.

The most important bit about improvement is the behaviours and the coaching approach. The value of taking part goes beyond the immediate set itself and the issues you have worked through. It gives senior leaders the tools and space needed when leading improvement.

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What is involved? 

Each set participant must commit to 15 hours of learning, broken down into five sessions of three hours each; with the effectiveness of the process relying on commitment from all participants. 

An action learning set follows a facilitated structure with one member of the set presenting a real life challenge, and through listening and the asking of open questions by the other set members, the presenter is able to reflect and come to a new action plan.

The sets are put together based on geographical spread and whilst we understand priorities and pressures may affect you attending, sets really rely on each participant’s attendance to get the best out of the process.


If you would like to express your interest to participate in a set please do get in touch.

We are working with an expert partner, Action Learning Associates, whose experienced facilitators will be dedicated to each action learning set. Find out more on the facilitators here.


You can also find further information on action learning via the Action Learning Associates website.