Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust 


The x-ray response team trial in Northumbria was a collaboration between Fujifilm, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and the North East Ambulance Service. The pilot used the new Fujifilm FDR Xair portable x-ray system (x-ray in a suitcase) in conjunction with the Fujifilm Cloud solution to deliver care out of hospital, to enhance diagnosis in an acute and elective setting, avoiding attendance and admission to hospital when appropriate.  

The pre-hospital emergency doctors partnered with the ambulance service, paramedics and radiographers to form the x-ray response team. The team identifies calls where an x-ray at the scene has the potential to make a significant contribution to the patient’s diagnosis and enhance their treatment pathway.  

There were 56 calls, 52 had imaging on scene and 27 avoided admission to hospital with follow-up in the community. The team were often the first on the scene and in many cases the patients were found to have significant injuries, such as hip or femur fractures, so the team were able to administer analgesia and arrange for transportation to hospital in a timely manner. The acute stream was evaluated using an outcome scoring system to help quantify the results.  

The elective arm of the pilot cases was trialled in both a hub style environment within a GP practice and in selected care homes and patient’s own homes. Patients and relatives reported 100% satisfaction rates with the service and feedback from service users was very positive.   

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