Stockport NHS Foundation Trust 


Stockport has the oldest age profile in Greater Manchester. The local system identified the need for improved support for the frail population. In 2019/20, the trust worked with the acute frailty network to pilot a frailty intervention team.  

By March 2021 the acute frailty unit was launched. Patients presenting with frailty are now rapidly assessed, diagnosed, and supported by a multi-disciplinary team in the most appropriate care setting for ongoing treatment and management.  

The vision is for older people to be rapidly and comprehensively assessed, diagnosed, treated and supported in the most appropriate care setting. Where safe to do so, patients should return home the same day (with services in place as required).  

Since opening the change in the clinical model of care is already demonstrating a positive effect on patient experience. A recent data collection comparing patients with the same demographics admitted to the acute frailty unit compared to those admitted to the acute medical unit demonstrated an increase in same day discharges by 47.46%, an increase in second day discharges by 33.80%, a decrease in mean length of stay by 2.5 days and a decrease in median length of stay by 5.5 days.  

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