Core20PLUS5 - identifying 'PLUS' population groups

Health inequalities webinar, held on 24 October 2023.

This webinar explored NHS England’s Core20PLUS5 framework, specifically focusing on 'PLUS' population groups. The session brought together NHS England and trust leaders to discuss implementable solutions for reducing health inequalities. 


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Hear Nicola Gitsham share information on the launch of NHS England's new inclusion health framework, which provides suggested actions for improving health outcomes for socially excluded groups (such as migrants, sex workers, Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities and homeless populations). Nicola highlighted the reasons why urgent action is needed to address health inequalities experienced by these groups and shared life expectancy data, which shows inclusion health groups are much more likely to die at earlier ages in comparison to the most deprived groups in England.

Hear Rosie Hollinshead discuss the barriers that inclusion health groups may face when accessing health services. This could include, lack of documentation or fixed address, digital exclusion, literacy, communication and language barriers, lack of trust of services and professionals, and fear of discrimination.

Hear Rosie also share advice for how trusts can improve services for inclusion health groups. Suggestions include providing accessible information, improving data collection to better understand the needs of these groups, staff training, and flexibility in service opening times and length of appointments.

Hear Anne McBrearty explain the approach Central London Community Healthcare Trust have taken to improve services for homeless populations, by providing outreach services within communities to treat minor illnesses, offer screening, and provide signposting advice to onward services. Anne highlighted the importance of building trust with homeless communities. 

Listen to the panel Q&A, where delegates asked questions on:



Please find resources below that may be helpful when exploring CORE20PLUS5.



Amber Jabbal – head of policy and strategic projects, NHS Providers 


Nicola Gitsham – head of healthcare inequalities, improvement and personalisation, NHS England

Rosie Hollinshead – health policy and project coordinator, Friends, Families and Travellers

Anne McBrearty – nurse consultant, homeless health service lead, Central London Community Healthcare Trust