Core20PLUS5 - children and young people, September 2023

Health inequalities webinar, held on 6 September 2023.

This webinar explored NHS England’s Core20PLUS5 framework for children and young people, bringing together NHS England and trust leaders to discuss implementable solutions for reducing health inequalities.

Find the presentation slides here.


Hear Professor Simon Kenny discuss the framework’s five clinical areas of focus, and the importance of sharing data and information on these health conditions to ensure outcomes for children and young people experiencing inequality improves.

Hear Kerrie explain how young people were involved in developing the framework, and the importance of Core20PLUS5 in raising the voice of young people to improve their treatment and care.

Hear Ajit Abraham and Kath Evans share Barts Health’s initiatives to prioritise equity and inclusion across the organisation through an inclusive leadership strategy, social deprivation screening tools, and through collaborating with Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) partners and family liaison teams.

Hear Dr Judith Reid describe Gateshead Health’s process to "poverty proof”  the trusts’ diabetes services, involving research with children and families to improve information and access to technologies, and implementing training sessions to raise awareness amongst staff.


Listen to the panel Q&A, where delegates asked questions on:



Saffron Cordery – deputy chief executive, NHS Providers 


Professor Simon Kenny – national clinical director for children and young People, NHS England  

Kerrie - youth forum member, NHS England  

Ajit Abraham – group director of inclusion and equity, Barts Health NHS Trust  

Kath Evans – director of children’s nursing, Barts Health NHS Trust  

Dr Judith Reid – children and young people’s diabetes service lead, Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust  

Jenny Foster – manager for children and young people’s North East and North Cumbria diabetes network, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust