Co-production with communities as a solution to health inequalities, February 2024

Health inequalities webinar, held on 8 February 2024.

This webinar explored different models of co-production with communities, the value of working with underserved communities and how it can contribute to the wider agenda of reducing health inequalities, and the enablers and blockers that trusts face when seeking to engage with communities.


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Hear Keymn Whervin share how her organisation, National Voices, address health inequalities through shared decision making, empowerment and inclusivity in the healthcare process. In her session she shares an overview of how co-production takes place at National Voices such as 'My Life Choices'.

Hear Laura Austin-Croft provide an overview of East London NHS Foundation Trust's (ELFT) population health strategy, which is underpinned by people participation and quality improvement work. Miles Tringham and Alan Strachan share an overview of the principles of people participation at ELFT, including specific projects such as child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS). ELFT were joined by James Xavier, an expert by experience who has worked with the community to improve medication flow and communication with patients. 

Hear Sarah Balchin discuss how Solent NHS Trust approaches working with people and communities. In her session she shares their five year plan, which covers engagement, addressing health inequalities and co-creating a delivery plan. She discussed initiatives that have widened community participation and feedback, such as  working with community interest companies (CICs), working with patient champions and involving ethnic minority men in co-production.

Listen to the panel Q&A, where delegates asked questions on:





Louise Ansari – chief executive, Healthwatch England


Keymn Whervin - head of experience, National Voices

Alan Strachan – people participation lead for CAMHS, East London NHS Foundation Trust

Miles Tringham – people participation lead for Luton, East London NHS Foundation Trust

Laura Austin-Croft – director of population health, East London NHS Foundation Trust

James Xavier – QI project lead & expert by experience, East London NHS Foundation Trust

Sarah Balchin – director of community engagement and experience, Solent NHS Trust