Reflections for board leaders


  • Introducing Digital Boards (5 minutes) | Saffron Cordery, deputy chief executive at NHS Providers and Andrew Greenway, partner at Public Digital, introduce the new NHS Providers Digital Boards programme, delivered in partnership with Public Digital, and available to all NHS trust boards.
  • Helping NHS boards take charge on digital (5 minute read) | Sonia Patel, system chief information officer at NHS England, argues against delegating digital leadership to one CIO or team, and instead makes the case for boards to jump in, understand and take control of the talent pipeline for new digital skills
  • Building digital organisations, creating great teams and enabling transformation (5 minute read) | In this blog post, Public Digital director Chris Fleming, sets out eight key questions for boards to ask about progress building a digital organisation 
  • Digital leadership in the NHS (3 minute read) Consultant physician Shanti Vijayaraghavan and trust chief executive Joe Harrison write about the ten ways effective digital leadership can turn vision into reality.
  • Why do so many technology projects in healthcare fail? (10 minute read) | Professor Trisha Greenlagh's NASSS framework explains the common reasons for non-adoption and abandonment of digital technologies in the NHS. This blog explores the seven domains underpinning this framework.  
  • A new era of digital leadership at Sussex Partnership (3 minute read) | Chief executive Sam Allen and chief digital information officer Beth Lawton explain how their board has placed digital at the centre of the trust’s response to the pandemic.  
  • Leading through COVID-19 (longer reads) | A collection of King's Fund resources aimed at supporting health and care leaders during the pandemic
  • What a digital organisation looks like (10 minute read) | Digital transformation expert Janet Hughes explores the different ways of creating digital organisations and suggests ideas on where to start.


  • The Strategy is Delivery (11 minute) | Mike Bracken, partner at Public Digital, outlines why and how organisations can meet the needs of the digital era. This involves delivering at speed and requires leaders to prioritise delivery over process. 
  • Milton Keynes University Hospital COVID-19 reflections (3 minutes) | Chief executive Joe Harrison speaks about the digital work his trust has done to respond to COVID-19 and the impact of the "burning platform".  
  • Transforming patient care in a pandemic (6 minutes) | Staff at North Bristol NHS Trust describe the ways they are utilising new digital ways of working during the pandemic.  
  • From vision to reality: digital leadership in the NHS (1 hour) BMJ editor Fiona Godlee hosts a webinar with three NHS leaders and discusses the ways the NHS can successfully implement digital transformation.


  • The Provider Podcast Season Five Episode One (29 minutes) | Digital Boards: Lessons from other sectors | This episode is the first in our Digital Boards series, linking into our Digital Boards programme, we speak to three non-executive directors who share the lessons they've learnt from other sectors for digital transformation which can help shape the NHS' digital journey. This recording was taken from a live virtual Digital Boards event earlier in 2021, and is chaired by Chris Fleming, Public Digital.  Hear from non executive directors Sumit Biswas, South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, Pankaj Davé, University hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust, and Lynne Mellor, York teaching hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
  • The Provider Podcast Season Five Episode Four (24 minutes) | Digital Boards: Lessons from technology suppliers |In this episode of our Digital Boards season, Saffron Cordery speaks with UK based technology suppliers about the relationship between digital teams in the NHS and technology, and how to journey along that collaborative relationship. This episode welcomes Andreas Haimboeck-Tichy, IBM director, Health and Social Care Council at Tech UK chair, and Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust non executive director, Shane Tickell, TempleBlack chief executive and founder and Health and Social Care Council at Tech UK vice chair, and Dr Nicholas Andreou, Locums Nest co-founder.
  • The Provider Podcast Season Five Episode Five (24 minutes) | Digital Boards: Lessons from national leaders | In this episode of our Digital Boards season, Saffron Cordery speaks with national NHS leaders Navina Evans, Health Education England chief executive, and Sonia Patel, NHSX chief information officer, about digital acceleration, tackling health inequalities in digital, what trust boards should prioritise to progress their digital maturity and how trusts can support their workforce during digital transformation.

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