Quality conference 2017

Date 08 June 2017

Time 09:00

Venue The King's Fund

The conference programme will emphasise board director and non-executive director responsibilities, and offer opportunities for peer learning about improving quality and overcoming challenges within the current climate as well as transforming how we deliver quality across organisational boundaries, in localities, and through new organisational forms.

Breakout sessions will explore issues including the growing importance of informatics, building staff resilience, fostering safety culture, and understanding and using human factors approaches. Sessions will also focus on robust governance to assure quality and improve performance, and building shared views of quality across partnerships in delivering care.

Full details of the programme will be announced shortly, and in the meantime you can book your place to join us on 8 June.

This event is aimed at NHS Provider member chairs, chief executives, non-executive directors, medical and nursing directors, chief operating officers, and strategy directors.

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