Annual Conference and Exhibition 2022

15–16 November, ACC Liverpool


Our flagship annual conference and exhibition is a unique event with unrivalled health content, giving you the insights you need to perform your role more effectively. As a sector, we have achieved some amazing things over the last year, overcome major challenges and shown incredible strength. As we move on from the pandemic peaks of COVID-19, it is now more important than ever to lean into our collective learning and experiences, in order to improve the lives of the people and communities that we support.

This year’s theme is resilience with a focus on resilient services, resilient communities and resilience for the future. Join us for roundtables, expert case studies, interactive debate and the chance to connect with colleagues as we look at how we can respond collaboratively to address health inequalities in the sector.

If you missed any of our conference sessions from last year, you can now watch them here. Follow us on Twitter @NHSProviders for latest updates and join in the conversation using #NHSP22.




Registration and exhibition viewing


Welcome and introduction

Welcome and introduction

Samira Ahmed, award winning journalist and broadcaster will open the conference.




Plenary 1

Opening address from NHS Providers Interim Chief Executive

NHS Providers interim chief executive Saffron Cordery opens the conference.  




Plenary 2

‘Expanding trusts’ spheres of influence – reducing health inequalities as providers, system partners and anchor institutions

The concept of ‘spheres of influence’ is helpful for exploring how trusts can work with their system partners to support progress towards the aim of reducing health inequalities for the populations they serve. Trusts are looking beyond their traditional role as providers of healthcare services to consider how they can contribute to the wider determinants of health, as well as work with their system partners to support their aims. Through our understanding of the spheres of influence trusts operate within, the session will explore three closely related roles trusts can play in reducing health inequalities; as healthcare providers, as system partners, and as anchor institutions.    


Samira Ahmed, Award Winning Journalist and Broadcaster  


Dr Bola Owolabi, Director for Healthcare Inequalities, NHS England



Exhibition, refreshments, and networking (1)


Delivering with partners 1 (30 minutes)

1a. Civility and resilience in healthcare systems (Supported by Globis Mediation Group)

The stressful nature of the medical profession is a known trigger for aggression or abuse among healthcare staff. Interprofessional incivility, defined as low-intensity negative interactions with ambiguous or unclear intent to harm, has recently become an occupational concern in healthcare. While incivility in nursing has been widely investigated, its prevalence among physicians and its impact on patient care is poorly understood. This breakout session will summarise the current knowledge on the effects of interprofessional incivility and its impact on individual and organisational resilience.

A structured search and screening of literature returned 13 studies of diverse origin, methodology, quality, size, and population type.

The consensus is that interprofessional incivility is common among physicians and nurses and has both psychological and clinical outcomes, resulting in stress, compromised patient safety and poor quality of care. Junior staff are affected more often than consultants, with higher rates in radiology, general surgery, neurosurgery and cardiology. Incivility also undermines medical team performance, particularly in perioperative settings.

In patient care, incivility is associated with complications, medical errors, mortality, compromised patient safety and quality of care. Patients whose surgeons have a record of incivility may be at higher risk of complications.

Incivility in healthcare appears systemic and must be addressed accordingly to preserve enhanced levels of resilience.



1b. Delivering with partners (Supported by Locum’s Nest)

Information on this session will be announced soon.



1c. Promoting EDI through Procurement (Supported by Capsticks Solicitors LLP)

To successfully drive the equality, diversity and inclusivity (EDI) agenda forward, it is important for NHS providers to follow the new National Procurement Policy and focus on social value/EDI within their contractual/procurement processes. This is part of embedding EDI at board level and the CQC will be examining organisations’approaches to EDI as part of assessing whether they are “well led”. It is also important for NHS providers to retain a grip on such issues, even where services or supplies are being procured at an Integrated Care System or Provider Alliance level.

Whilst many organisations are already focusing on EDI in the context of service users and workforce, the role of procurement in tackling EDI issues should not be underestimated. NHS leaders need to ensure that suppliers are clear about the standards which are expected of them in this area, as well as focusing on getting them right internally.

Mary Mundy (Partner), Paul McFarlane (Partner) and Nicola Green (Legal Director) will be joined by a guest speaker to discuss how EDI can be embraced and promoted through public procurement, alongside workforce and service delivery initiatives.




Breakout sessions – Resilient Services (1 hour)

2a. A window to the future: Where next for collaboration in mental health and tackling the mental health care backlog?

Many more people are waiting even longer for care and treatment than they were before the start of the pandemic. The prevalence, acuity and complexity of mental health needs has also grown dramatically, widening levels of unmet needs despite significant progress made in recent years to improve and expand services. Collaboration across providers and their partners is a key part of bearing down on backlogs and tackling future challenges across physical and mental health care services. The mental health sector has been at the forefront of developing and implementing provider collaboratives, with all mental health trusts now part of one or more collaborative. This session will provide an opportunity for peer learning and sharing good practice, as well as a discussion on how mental health collaboratives are approaching the future and what else might be needed to make the most out of the opportunities ahead.


Michelle Moran, CEO, Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust

Claire Murdoch, National Director for Mental Health, NHS England



2b. System solutions to tackling workforce pressures

The current climate feels like something of a crossroads for the health and care workforce. Increasingly, people want to work differently. In parallel, service providers are being asked to operate differently as we continue to develop system working. How can these two evolving areas be drawn together to enable effective service delivery and strengthen a pipeline of future staff, whilst supporting current staff to work in new ways that can respond to changing needs, promote integration, and protect staff health and wellbeing?  

ICSs will play a central role in this over the coming years. This session will explore the nature of the immediate and longer-term staffing challenges in health and care in England, and focus on innovative approaches to workforce planning, management, and deployment which local systems and organisations are taking to meet them.  

The strategic workforce and operational challenges that we are currently facing also present strategic opportunities as we look to ensuring the future of health and care delivery. This session will discuss how these can be utilised to best benefit staff and patients. 




2c. Preparing for a public inquiry: evidence gathering and what the COVID-19 Inquiry might mean for your organisation (Supported by HEMPSONS)

Hempsons, leading health, social care and charity lawyers will give an overview of the following:

  • What we know so far
  • The Inquiry’s power to gather evidence
  • Practical tips for preparing evidence: a Trust’s perspective
  • What to expect from the Inquiry?




Exhibition viewing, lunch and networking (60 minutes – Exhibition Hall)


Delivering with partners 2 (30 minutes)

3a. How do you transform your workforce thinking? Taking a person-centred approach (Supported by NHS SCW)

The session will explore approaches to workforce, and dialogic OD, incorporating thinking on health inequalities and how providers can use this to transform their thinking. 

We talk a lot as part of developing inclusive cultures and compassionate leadership about giving people permission to be their whole self at work, about recognising the holistic person and fostering an environment where people can be their authentic self within the workplace. At some point between that person centred conversation and our planning of our workforce we lose that connection. So, how do we move beyond‘traditional’approaches to workforce planning and put people at the centre of our workforce planning, strategy and delivery? 

As we begin to grapple with the emerging concept of Integrated Care Systems and the complex nature of both the structures and the relationships involved, a meaningful and lasting change is needed in the conversations being had. If your organisation isn’t a thing but a story inside people’s heads, how can you disrupt these stories to enable people to lead change themselves and how can a dialogic OD approach help?

The discussion will delve into the power of communities and their conversations in addressing health inequalities. How through these conversations, new perspectives and solutions are developed that are not the same old solutions to the same old problems, but unique insights into deeply held beliefs and experiences that can help unlock potential and shape better solutions to these complex problems.



3b. Delivering with partners (Supported by Browne Jacobson LLP)

Information on this session will be announced soon.



3c. Delivering a resilient national procurement and supply chain service and making it easier for the NHS to put patients first (Supported by NHS Supply Chain)

With the transition to Integrated Care Systems (ICS) and the continued focus on recovery of care backlogs, efficiency improvements and unprecedented savings targets, NHS Supply Chain continues to deliver a high level of service for the NHS and is improving its supply chain resilience to ensure clinicians have the products they need to provide safe and excellent patient care with minimal disruption.

Presenting with a trust / ICS representative, NHS Supply Chain will highlight examples of working in collaboration with the system to develop solutions which further improve the resilience of the national procurement and supply chain service.

As the economic environment continues to present challenges hear more about the short, medium and longer-term strategies that will be employed to deliver sustainable value for the NHS and ultimately support the provision of patient care.




Breakout sessions – Resilient Communities (1 hour)

4a. Race equality: embedding accountability at all levels

This breakout session will bring together an expert panel to discuss how we embed accountability for race equality at all levels. This session has been developed based on insights from our members, who identified three key areas required for meaningful change on race equality. These are:

  1. hearts and mind change
  2. giving leaders the confidence and capability to act through evidence of what works
  3. asking leaders to take accountability to embed race equality at the heart of the board’s business.

In addition to these three requirements, there was  consensus among our members that national bodies could do more to help boards take effective action on race equality. Chairs have stressed that national bodies must lead by example and clearly prioritise and promote work on race equality. In addition to this, while the recently published ‘Leadership for a collaborative and inclusive future’ review by General Sir Gordon Messenger and Dame Linda Pollard calls for equality, diversity, and inclusion to be embedded at all levels, it also outlines that inclusive leadership is the responsibility of all leaders and recommends a commitment to the promotion of equal opportunity and fairness standards at entry and mid-career level. The review further encourages wider enforcement of existing measures to improve EDI through the setting of improvement goals and recognises there is an enhanced role for the CQC in measuring EDI outcomes. 

As of 1 July 2022, each Integrated Care System (ICS) will have an Integrated Care Board (ICB), a statutory organisation bringing the NHS together locally to improve population health and establish shared strategic priorities within the NHS - there are questions around what implications this will have on race equality.

This session will explore the role of national bodies in embedding accountability race equality at all levels in the context of the above insights.


Dal Babhu, Non-Executive Director, NHS Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust 


Professor Ebrahim Adia, NHS Lancashire and South Cumbria ICB designate non-exec

Steve Erskine, Chair of Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


4b. Making sense of place to support local mental and physical health needs

This session will bring together health and care system partners to discuss how they are working together to improve the mental and physical health of their local communities. We are inviting an NHS trust leader to share their experience of acting as an anchor institution in providing training, education and employment opportunities to create resilient communities. This will be followed by a panel discussion looking at how place-based collaborative working can improve the lives of local populations by thinking collectively about issues such as health inequalities and the cost-of-living crisis. We expect the discussion will also consider enablers and barriers to integration and what support is needed at a local and national level.





4c. Integration at place: a practical toolkit (Supported by NEWTON)

The integration of health and care has been at the heart of local and national conversation in the NHS for decades. Delivering better joined up care – across hospitals, mental health services, community providers, social care, primary care, and wider partners such as the voluntary sector – is a central ambition for national policy makers and local practitioners alike. Yet, moving from ambition to delivery is one of the biggest challenges facing policymakers, system leaders, and frontline teams.

To focus efforts and to work at a scale where integration will have the biggest impact on service delivery, the importance of place has been strongly advocated in national policy frameworks. It gives a tangible and practical scale for staff and leaders to design new services and models of care, and to work together to deliver better outcomes for the local population – in other words, to integrate.

NHS Providers and Newton have been working together to produce some delivery-focused support to help place-based partnerships make integrated health and care a reality. The work will be launched in September to members, and we are proud to be bringing it to life in this session. It will be of interest to all leaders involved in improving service delivery at place level, offering practical support with delivering on key priorities set by the partnership and making sure they translate to value, impact, and better outcomes on the ground. 






Exhibition, refreshments, and networking (60 minutes – Exhibition Hall)


Delivering with partners 3 (30 minutes)

5a. Creating Capacity to Clear Backlogs and Improve Flow (Supported by Virginia Mason Institute)

Shifting the tide against backlogs takes more than a technical solution - it takes an approach that combines systems thinking with new leadership models. With the right combination of technical improvements and the human dimensions of change we can work through backlogs to sustain increases in patient access while simultaneously improving the experience for team members.

This session will explore proven models and practices that your team can immediately embrace to drive positive momentum and jump the curve against backlogs.




5b. Delivering with partners (Supported by Blue Prism)

Information on this session will be announced soon.



5c. Delivering with partners

Information on this session will be announced soon.





Plenary 3

Keynote speech from Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

The Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Care invited to discuss what he sees as the priorities for the NHS.


Samira Ahmed, Award Winning Journalist and Broadcaster 





Plenary 4

Radical innovation for a resilient health service

Given operational pressures, a relatively generous but tight funding settlement, and growing calls for NHS reform, this panel will consider how the NHS can take full advantage of innovation to support the backlog recovery and boost its resilience for the future. The NHS has begun to adopt whole population health management, genomics-based medicine, digital, and data analytics to embed long-term transformational change across systems, but there remains questions about how to ensure equity is embedded throughout the adoption of these new ways of working and providing care. Given the broad scope of ‘transformation’, we have suggested a range of speakers to explore the potential for radical changes to healthcare delivery, with a focus on the care backlog and demand and capacity challenges facing the NHS today, and how to ensure the NHS is put on a more financially sustainable footing. 


Samira Ahmed, Award Winning Journalist and Broadcaster 




Closing remarks

Closing remarks

Samira Ahmed, award winning journalist and broadcaster will close the conference.




Drinks reception

Drinks reception

Sir Ron Kerr, opens the drinks reception with a speech and hands over to our speaker.

Conference day 1 close.




Conference dinner with after dinner speaker

Conference dinner with after dinner speaker

Sir Ron Kerr, gives the opening remarks and will hand over to our after dinner speaker.




After dinner speaker

After dinner speaker 

Information on this session will be announced soon.






Registration and exhibition viewing


Breakfast sessions

Breakfast session 1

Information on this session will be announced soon.




Welcome to day 2

Welcome to day 2

Samira Ahmed, award winning journalist and broadcaster will open the conference.




Plenary 5

Keynote speech from Health Education England Chief Executive and Chief Workforce Officer, NHS England

Dr Navina Evans joins us to discuss embedding inclusive leadership practice and promoting the values of equality, diversity and antiracism in leadership to help support the resilience of the NHS and the wellbeing of its workforce.


Samira Ahmed, Award Winning Journalist and Broadcaster 

Keynote speaker: 

Dr Navina Evans, Chief Executive of Health Education England and Chief Workforce Officer of NHS England




Plenary 6

Inclusive leadership for a resilient NHS

Our workforce plenary session will explore leadership in the NHS, looking ahead to the implementation of the recommendations from Sir Gordon Messenger’s recent review of Health and Social Care leadership. This session will focus particularly on the need to embed inclusive leadership practice and promote the values of equality, diversity and antiracism in leadership to help support the resilience of the NHS and the wellbeing of its workforce. We will discuss the challenges and opportunities for trust leaders and explore innovative ways to improve performance and bring about change in the best interests of patients and the dedicated staff who care for them. 


Samira Ahmed, Award Winning Journalist and Broadcaster 


Peter Reading, Chief Executive, Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust

Tracie Jolliff, Head of Inclusive Leadership and Development, NHS England

Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive, NHS Confederation 



Exhibition viewing, refreshments and networking (60 minutes – Exhibition Hall)


Delivering with partners (30 minutes)

6a. Delivering with partners

Information on this session will be announced soon.



6b. Delivering with partners

Information on this session will be announced soon.



6c. Delivering with partners

Information on this session will be announced soon.




Breakout sessions – Resilient for the future (1 hour)

7a. Building digital capability within your organisation

The health and care system has been tasked with laying the foundations for a digital future by 2025 and beyond. The Department for Health and Social Care and NHS England plan for digital health and social care consolidates the various national digital goals into a single action plan. This will require health and care organisations to build the appropriate digital capabilities which can only be achieved through embedding a digital culture. Leaders therefore need to understand how to bring new skills into their teams, how to lead a truly digital organisation and ultimately how to deliver change.  This session will include: 

  • practical tips to recruit and retain digital skills
  • learning on how to lead digital teams and provide appropriate oversight
  • opportunities to collaborate and fund new innovative teams
  • how to recruit and create a “critical mass” for change within your organisation.





7b. Improvement and resilience: how can improvement help boards maintain good outcomes in changing conditions?

Improvement can play a key role in helping trusts navigate their way through a challenging context, when central to their strategic vision and delivery. This session brings together boards with members of the Health Foundation’s ‘Q Community’ to explore the role improvers can play in helping withstand the unexpected and respond to a changing context. Exploring the questions boards should be asking, the panel will share insights and approaches that could help senior leaders gain a stronger sense of what is happening across large and complex organisations and systems.




7c. Partner session - details announced soon

Information on this session will be announced soon.




Exhibition viewing, lunch and networking (60 minutes – Exhibition Hall)


Plenary 7

Keynote speech from NHS England Chief Executive

A chance to hear from NHS England’s chief executive about the challenges facing the sector as we head into the winter period. 


Samira Ahmed, Award Winning Journalist and Broadcaster 




Plenary 8

Keynote speech from the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care is invited to discuss the opportunities to improve and transform care, including the future of the NHS workforce, capital investment and clearing the care backlog.


Samira Ahmed, Award Winning Journalist and Broadcaster 




Closing remarks

Closing remarks

Samira Ahmed, award winning journalist and broadcaster will close the conference.




Conference closes



Hempsons, a specialist health sector law firm, supports the full range of NHS organisations, advising on strategic and operational issues. Currently we are working with clients on integration, system change, collaborative partnerships, service reconfigurations, workforce planning, estates and infrastructure projects, quality, patient safety and learning as well as assisting trusts prepare for the forthcoming COVID-19 public inquiry. 



Newton support health organisations and health and social care systems to redesign ways of working. Their aim is to implement measurable and sustainable change which delivers real financial benefit. They are specialists in tackling highly complex challenges, by designing and implementing the operational, digital and people-centred change that needs to happen to solve them.

They work side-by-side with their clients to bring insights which drive change. Their clients value them for their ability to embed sustainable change by working from the ground up-uncovering the root causes of the trickiest problems, supporting leadership to act on this information and working as part of their frontline teams to deliver real change.


BD is one of the largest global medical technology companies in the world and is advancing the world of health by improving medical discovery, diagnostics and the delivery of care. The company develops innovative technology, services and solutions that help advance both clinical therapy for patients and clinical process for health care providers. BD has 65,000 employees and a presence in virtually every country around the world to address some of the most challenging global health issues. BD helps customers enhance outcomes, lower costs, increase efficiencies, improve safety and expand access to health care.

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More details to follow soon.

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We would like to thank our exhibitors and sponsors for joining at this years Annual Conference and Exhibition 2022. If you would like to learn more about the products and services that they offer to NHS trusts, do view their profiles below and get in touch if you would like to learn more. 


BD is a global medical technology company that is advancing the world of health™. 

Founded in 1897, BD has over 70,000 associates serving 190 countries, with over 3000 in the UK and Ireland dedicated to research, manufacturing and supporting improvements in medication dispensing and infusion management, automating and enhancing sample collection and diagnostics. This is alongside aiding the prevention of avoidable medication errors, healthcare associated infections and supporting the fight against sepsis and antimicrobial resistance.   

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07468 862 042 

Blue Prism

Blue Prism offer NHS organisations the ability to do more and achieve more with our intelligent automation platform. By emulating the actions of human teams within hospital systems, Blue Prism digital workers take care of the repetitive and mundane tasks that slow people down, empowering staff to focus on more meaningful work. More than 60 NHS trusts are already using Blue Prism to streamline clinical and non-clinical processes, develop new patient engagement models, and embrace partnership working, saving hundreds of thousands of hours, and millions of pounds in the process. Available as-a-service, and sharable via the NHS Digital Exchange, Blue Prism delivers scalable, democratised automation that enables organisations to meet their strategic business priorities, support their people and create exceptional patient experiences. 

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With a large team of healthcare solicitors operating nationwide, you can rely on us whether you need assistance on a national or local scale. 

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Capsticks Solicitors LLP

Capsticks is a leading UK law firm providing specialist legal advice to the health, housing, regulatory and social care sectors. For over 40 years Capsticks has worked with the NHS, providing specialist full-service legal advice, so they truly understand the unique challenges and opportunities that trusts face. They advise on some of the most ground-breaking, high-value and politically sensitive cases across a vast range of practice areas including employment, procurement, real estate and litigation. Like the organisations they represent, making a positive impact on people's lives is important to them, and the work they do means just that. Capsticks pride themselves on being world-class in their services, taking a commercial approach and treating all clients, employees and stakeholders with kindness and respect. 

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Fujifilm is a provider of innovative medical imaging systems and healthcare solutions. The portfolio covers digital x-ray, mammography, ultrasound, CT, MRI, enterprise imaging solutions (including PACS, VNA, and 3D surgical planning tools), artificial intelligence, digital pathology, cloud connectivity and NPT analysers for dry chemistry and virology. 

As the NHS focuses on backlogs, addressing health inequalities and winter pressures, Fujifilm offers solutions that enhance collaboration between trusts, deliver accurate diagnostic tools and take healthcare out into the community. 

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01234 326780 

General Medical Council

We are the independent regulator for doctors in the UK. Our focus today is the same as when we started: to protect patients. Find out more about our aim to play a more active role to address inequalities, how we are taking action to address the issues about the environments in which doctors work and how regulation and our core standards are changing.  

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Globis Mediation Group

Globis Mediation Group was established in 2003 by their chief executive Mr Clive Lewis OBE DL. Experts at building better relationships in the workplace, they are dedicated to improving working lives. They apply business psychology to their work across the health sector, responding flexibly to client needs to deliver a personalised service, which is always delivered with the highest levels of commitment and confidentiality. Their chief executive is a former non-executive director of a large NHS foundation trust. With this insight into the complexities of the NHS, they are the organisation NHS trusts turn to, for: 

  • Workplace Mediation 
  • Investigations 
  • Organisation Diagnosis 
  • Executive Coaching 
  • Training 
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 

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0330 100 0809 

Health Education England

Health Education England is part of the NHS, and we work with partners to plan, recruit, educate and train the health workforce. We are people centred, committed to the NHS Constitution, and driven by our own values, which are responsible, fair, confident, and inclusive. 

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Hempsons, a specialist health sector law firm, supports the full range of NHS organisations, advising on strategic and operational issues. Currently we are working with clients on integration, system change, collaborative partnerships, service reconfigurations, workforce planning, estates and infrastructure projects, quality, patient safety and learning as well as assisting trusts prepare for the forthcoming COVID-19 public inquiry. 

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Joerns Healthcare Ltd

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Living Wage Foundation

The Living Wage Foundation is an independent movement of organisations and people campaigning for a real Living Wage, which is the only UK wage rate independently calculated based on the cost of living. This allows workers to meet their everyday needs - like the weekly shop, or an unplanned trip to the dentist. Our accreditation scheme is for organisations paying the real Living Wage to all staff, and we now have over 8,000 Living Wage Employers in our network. 

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020 7043 9882 

Locum's Nest

Locum's Nest is a technology company providing a holistic workforce software solution to NHS trusts and primary care organisations. They support NHS organisations to work in a more transparent manner and increase engagement with their workforce, from digital shift-matching, staff recruitment, communication, data visualisation and interoperability.

Locum's Nest was founded by two junior doctors. Its vision is to increase transparency, collaboration and improve care outcomes within our health service, through its intuitive mobile and web multi-product platform used by healthcare professionals and NHS management teams.

Their mission is to remove barriers to workforce mobility across the NHS, and have pioneered the formation of digital collaborative workforce banks across the country, enabling cross-covering of shifts across an ever growing number of NHS trusts. 

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MIAA improve public service outcomes through being the ‘go to’ organisation for assurance and solution services for the public and wider third sector in the North West and beyond. We have a proven track record spanning 30 years, and our clients trust our independence, professionalism and advice. 

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Newton Europe

Newton support health organisations and health and social care systems to redesign ways of working. Their aim is to implement measurable and sustainable change which delivers real financial benefit. They are specialists in tackling highly complex challenges, by designing and implementing the operational, digital and people-centred change that needs to happen to solve them.

They work side by side with their clients to bring insights which drive change. Their clients value them for their ability to embed sustainable change by working from the ground up-uncovering the root causes of the trickiest problems, supporting leadership to act on this information and working as part of their frontline teams to deliver real change.

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Recovering and restoring services, the changing needs of populations, squeezed budgets, a workforce that’s struggling to cope with demand. These are just some of the many challenges keeping you up at night. SCW know that, more than ever, you need support to find solutions to your pinch-points. As an NHS organisation bringing together some of the brightest and best in health and social care, SCW is perfectly placed to help you define your issues and co-design solutions. As partners, we’ll support you at every step of your journey to overcome the pandemic pressures and ultimately, to help you provide the best possible care to people. 

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NHS Supply Chain

NHS Supply Chain manages the sourcing, delivery and supply of healthcare products, services and food for NHS trusts and healthcare organisations across England and Wales. 

We are part of the NHS family, managing more than 8 million orders per year across 94,000 order points and 17,465 locations. 

This enables us to bring value to our customers, by saving NHS trusts time and money in removing duplication of overlapping contracts. 

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Oxehealth is a global leader in vision-based patient monitoring & management. We help clinicians to deliver safer, higher quality & more efficient care. Our Oxevision platform, including a contact-free optical sensor, delivers clinical insights that enable staff to plan patient care & to intervene proactively to help patients across inpatient & residential care settings. 

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Virginia Mason Institute

Virginia Mason Institute has partnered with the NHS for over 14 years, having established an international reputation for building safe, high quality, sustainable healthcare organisations that deliver continuous improvement. 

We specialise in helping organisations establish their own management system, one that engages and empowers people at all levels – building cultures that enable real change, accountability, and self-sufficiency. 

Healthcare needs new approaches like our ‘World-Class Management’ and ‘Authentic Leadership’ programmes that leverage proven approaches to engage staff and deliver everyday improvement.  

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workpal is an innovative, cloud-based, scalable digital workforce performance management solution that is helping NHS Trusts and Provider organisations across England transform their approach to local and regional workforce challenges.  

Already in daily use by over 50,000 NHS staff, workpal is designed to operate at scale with ICS collaboration firmly in mind. Moreover, we are on a journey to demonstrate how workpal drives a high performing culture that, in turn, delivers improved patient experience and outcomes.  

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Paper minimal conference

Sustainability has never been more important to us at NHS Providers. That’s why we’ve taken the decision to go paper minimal for this year’s annual conference and exhibition. Harnessing the power of digital, from interactive documents to QR codes, we believe that this is the right decision for us as an organisation to head towards and to support delegates to get the most out of the conference.

However, we are aware that many people still prefer printed materials at events so that is why we will have a small number of printed documents for those delegates that would like them.

If you are an exhibitor and would like to find out more about what other promotional opportunities are available, please contact Commercial Partnerships Manager, Roberta Henry.

COVID-19 Safety 

We understand that some delegates may still be uncomfortable attending a face-to-face event and our number one priority is to ensure that everyone feels safe at our Annual Conference and Exhibition. Please read the COVID-19 secure information provided by the venue here and find out what measures have been put in place to help keep you safe.

Contact our dedicated events team if you still have any concerns or questions and we will do our best to help.

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To find out about getting involved in the programme, becoming a speaker or sponsoring or exhibiting at this year's annual conference, please contact our events team by emailing