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03 Nov 2022

On the day briefing: Who I am Matters – CQC report into the experiences of being in hospital for people with a learning disability and autistic people

Our latest briefing summarises the latest Care Quality Commission (CQC) report into the experience of being in an acute hospital for people with a learning disability and autistic people

11 Oct 2022

Caring for the carers: we need to talk about tackling staff suicide

To mark World Mental Health Day 2022, Oliver Potter and Yasmin Al-haboubi discuss the need for targeted action to offer support and address the pressures healthcare staff face.

16 Aug 2022

On the Day Briefing: Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF)

Our briefing summarises key points from the framework and supplementary guidance, provides an overview of the 22 learning response tools, and sets out NHS Providers view

29 Jun 2022

Next Day Briefing: draft Mental Health Bill

Our next day briefing summarises the key clauses in the draft Mental Health Bill and sets out NHS Providers' view on the key issues.

11 May 2022

Awareness, loneliness and the story of demand for mental health services in the NHS

In support of mental health awareness week, Yasmin Al-haboubi and Kenny Oladimeji discuss this year's theme of loneliness and the pressures facing mental health services in the NHS.

31 Mar 2022

Next day briefing: the final Ockenden report

This briefing summarises the key points from the final report of the Independent Review of maternity services at The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust, along with NHS Providers’ view.

28 Mar 2022

Next Day briefing - CQC Out of Sight progress report March 2022

Our briefing summarises the key findings from the latest Care Quality Commissions Out of sight – who cares? progress report and highlights areas where further work is needed.

06 Dec 2021

Next Day briefing - CQC RSS progress report and community MH services survey

This briefing summarises the key findings from the Care Quality Commission's Community mental health survey 2021, and Restraint, segregation and seclusion review: progress report

16 Jul 2021

Next day briefing - Reforming the Mental Health Act White Paper: Government response to consultation

Our briefing summarises key findings and conclusions from the government's response to the Reforming the Mental Health Act White Paper consultation yesterday and sets out NHS Providers view

08 Apr 2021

Integrated care systems explained

This glossary explains more about the acronyms and terminology that are now commonly used to describe how the NHS structure is evolving.

26 Feb 2021

Summary of statutory board meetings: Care Quality Commission and Health Education England

Our briefing summarises the Care Quality Commission's and Health Education England's board meetings.

Yasmin Al-haboubiYasmin Al-haboubi
03 Sep 2020

Same storm different boats: inequalities during the COVID-19 pandemic

In our long-read blog, Yasmin Al-haboubi delves into the inequalities many have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic and what changes need to be made.

Yasmin Al-haboubiYasmin Al-haboubi
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