Our strategy

NHS Providers is the single voice for NHS trusts, recognised for our effective lobbying and influence within government, as a promoter of shared learning and as a provider of support and development for our members. Our three year strategy sets out our vision, mission, strategic objectives and ways of working for 2019-2022.

Our vision

An outstanding membership organisation for all NHS providers, unrivaled in the influence, voice and support we offer our members.

Our mission

To support members to deliver high quality, sustainable NHS care for patients, and service users. 

Our strategic objectives

Our elected board has now agreed a new three year strategy, following our member consultation. Our four key strategic objectives – influence, voice, support and excellent organisation – remain largely the same.

Our ways of working

  1. Member led
    We are a membership organisation. To be effective, we need to be excellent at identifying our members’ needs and meeting them. We must be fully accountable and transparent to our members in all that we do.

  2. Patient and quality led

    The NHS needs to be truly patient and service user led to improve health outcomes. Our members also need to continuously improve the quality of the services they provide. This emphasis on patient and service quality therefore needs to sit at the heart of all our work.

  3. Collaborative

    We work in a complex, highly interdependent, system with many influential players. We rely on our members to generate the evidence we need and we can only deliver our objectives by working collaboratively. We therefore need to be a highly effective strategic partner.

  4. Innovative

    If the NHS is to meet the challenges it faces, it needs to innovate and transform, creating radically different patterns of healthcare delivery. Our members are in a unique position to help drive this change. We need to support and enable this innovation and, if required, help lead it.

  5. Inclusive

    We will embed equality, diversity and inclusion as a central tenet of our work, embracing this as a moral imperative and a business need. This is the case for us as much as it is for our members. We will live these values, offer support and help lead change.

  6. Professional

    We aspire to a high degree of professionalism and rigor in all that we do, including our governance. Our work will be evidence based and underpinned by robust data. We will recruit, retain and develop the right level of professional skill, experience and expertise.

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