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Here's what our delegate have to say:

Current state of play in the NHS: a national policy update

Chris Hopson, chief executive, NHS Providers 


Chris gave delegates an overview of the NHS landscape, looking at current policy, the challenges trusts are facing and the role of governors in supporting their trusts.


What delegates said:


Quote mark Gave a clear and honest assessment of the current status of the NHS, pointing governors to useful documents where we can find out more


"Knows his subject and gave a very good account of the NHS potential difficulties and Governor's role"


"Excellent. I suggested to Chris that you might want to make a podcast of his presentation available to all governors, encouraged perhaps by Trust Chairs and Lead Governors"


"Very good and inspiring"


"I like the way that he tells it like it is"



Sustainability and transformation partnerships: different perspectives

Amber Davenport, Head of Policy, NHS Providers


Amber introduced what sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) are, where we're up to in the process and what they mean for governors


What delegates said:


Quote mark A fountain of knowledge


"Good outline of the STP structure and how it is being rolled out"


"Some very useful and interesting pointers"


"More in tune with official versions of health changes than I expected"




Introducing the freedom to speak up initiative

Dr Henrietta Hughes, National Guardian for the NHS


Dr Hughes introduced the freedom to speak up initiative and highlighted what governors need to know, and what questions they should be asking the board.


What delegates said:



Quote mark Thoroughly impressive and interesting


"Wow, here's one impressive individual. A loss to General Practice but inspirational in this role"


"Engaging speaker"


"Good emphasis on Governor role in nurturing "culture" in which [all] feel comfortable and free to "speak up""


Harnessing your potential

Jamie Ripman, Associate, Frontline Consultants


Being effective as a council of governors depends on many factors. This session explored the impact and influence governors can have as individuals, but also as councils. Jamie looked at how mindset, relationships and behaviours can affect performance.


Quote mark Very stimulating and educational for governors to develop in their role


 "Can you come to our organisation and teach us about leadership and communication? Your message in invaluable"


 "How to influence as a governor is always a challenge; Jamie provided some useful pointers on how governors should look at their behaviours to optimise their impact"


"Entertaining and informative"


"Very stimulating and thought provoking"


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