Ratings must be used to support STPs

21 July 2017


NHS England has released ratings for the 44 sustainability and transformation partnerships for the first time.


The head of policy at NHS Providers, Amber Davenport said:

“The NHS England rating of STP plans presents a useful picture of where partnerships are progressing well and those that are at an early stage and may need more support. It is important that this benchmark is used to inform and support all STPs.

It is important that this benchmark is used to inform and support all STPs.

“Local areas have identified that the transformation outlined in their STPs can only be achieved through capital investment. We are pleased that the £325m announced in the March budget has now been earmarked for selected STPs, but we have consistently highlighted that a more substantial injection of capital funding is required this year. STPs can not be expected to deliver plans which require capital without appropriate financial support.  

“Given trusts are already held to account for their contribution to the wider system through the NHS Improvement’s Single Oversight Framework, it is important that the national bodies remain consistent and that these new ratings do not result in different signals being sent to trusts and other STP partners about priorities to focus on.”

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